Adhering to a Higher Standard

You’ve decorated your home thoughtfully and beautifully, choosing the finishes that reflect your personality and your family’s lifestyle. You take pride in your luxuriously landscaped lawn that highlights the stunning architecture that is your home’s exterior. Then you open your garage to park your shiny, freshly detailed car, and there it is: your dull, dusty, cracked and drab concrete garage floor.

    Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT), the leader in providing concrete coatings in Central Florida for more than 25 years, can turn your gritty garage floor into a clean, bright, moisture-resistant, decorative surface that will serve as an impressive and durable entryway to your home.

    Thanks to one of ACT’s innovative creations, Durafleck coatings, they can provide you with a custom-finished floor that will not only be a snap to maintain, but also has the ability to complement your home with any color combination and motif you desire. Whether you want a look that’s sleek and modern, or whimsical with your favorite car or team logos, Advanced Coating Technologies can do it. One unique and challenging design that Tyler and his team engineered was for a three-car garage. Besides coating the concrete, they also made parking lanes by embedding LED lights in the floor. “It looked a little like an airport runway at night,” Tyler laughed, “but it made it so much easier for the family to be able to comfortably park their large cars.”

    When you call for a complimentary estimate, an ACT Design Consultant will come to your home, bringing samples of different finish techniques and colors, and will meet with you to discuss your preferences and expectations. Once the design is approved, their highly trained installers get to work to prepare the concrete surface with specially designed concrete grinders and vacuums that keep the messy concrete dust to a minimum. They then use a slow acting base coat that completely soaks into the pores of the concrete, creating a very long-lasting foundation, onto which they broadcast the color evenly with a compression gun. They allow that to set overnight, and the next day they finish the floor with a protective clear coat which binds the base, color and top layers together in one beautiful, durable finish.

    Making garage floors shiny and bright is just one part of what Advanced Coating Technologies can do. They can also design an ultra-cool polished concrete floor for inside your home. Outside, they can make your patio feel like new again with a stone-look concrete stamped overlay.

    In whatever you choose to have ACT do for your home, you can be certain that the installation will be done with the finest products, the most careful, precise workmanship, great warranties, and attentive customer service in the most honest and professional manner. As Tyler Nelson explains, “We are professionals at what we do, so we do everything necessary to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.”

    Advanced Coating Technologies has been serving area homeowners for over 25 years. Call them today at (813) 370-1553 or (727) 513-3905 or visit advancedcoatingtechnologies.com to see how they can upgrade your garage floors and more!