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Two Homes, Plus

I first used their company about four years ago when I built my house in Stoneybrook East and they did a tremendous job there, and then when I bought my next house in Oviedo, I brought them along and used them there, too. They did a great job and when I move again, they’ll get the call. They did everything they said they were going to do. They did the job on time and for the price quoted and the end result was just great! The product is a really and everyone who sees the garage is impressed and wants to do it themselves. I don’t think people realize how much the product changes the complexion of the garage, but it makes it a whole different room.

Benji Hill, Orlando East resident

"The garage was so nice.."

Tyler was here when he said he would be. He did the job he said he would do. He charged me what he said he was going to charge. And you know what? There were no problems. Amazing!  Here was someone who was honest, reliable, responsible. The job turned out better than I expected. The garage was so nice, I was hard-pressed to move things back into it. I wanted to live there!

"I would recommend him without a second thought. Anyone who uses him will get the same honesty and professionalism that is missing in today’s contractors. Other people should take a lesson from him in how to run a business.

Lawrence Kaplan, M.D. and retired Colonel and his wife, Lori Kaplan, Lake Mary residents

My garage is part of your home!

If you are someone who likes working in his garage, who thinks of his garage as part of your house, not as a warehouse to store your junk, then this coating is the only way to go. The coating is the garage floor carpet, if you will. The effect is the same as if you put in beautiful handcrafted wood flooring in a family room. The technique is every bit as important and would give you the same finish as you would in a house — it really dresses it up!

From Larry Meddock, Orlando resident: